About Us

We are pleased to have you as a part of Pirouzi!
Launched in Maryland and with its headquarters in Los Angeles, Pirouzi was founded by Ameen Khosravian - an Iranian American Professional Basketball Player with one aim; to showcase more diversity in sports through athleticwear.

Today, Pirouzi - Persian for Victory, is a multicultural athletic, and fashion company. Pirouzi is bringing real fashion, style and most importantly culture, back.

As a Reseller of high quality apparel and clothing at affordable prices with aspirations to evolve into being self made, and 100% Pirouzi Branded. We want you to be a part of our Journey to Victory.

Ameen Khosravian is a self made professional athlete. Pirouzi is also 100% self created. Self owned & self invested. He created this Brand the same way he created himself. From Nothing. To Something.

In 2018, Khosravian attended camp for the Iranian National Team at the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran, Iran. However, he could not play because of military, and political reasons. Pirouzi Athletics came into existence shortly after.

Our Motto, 'Be Victorious' because Pirouzi is for the Victorious!